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Dealership Branding & Design


Dealership Branding, Design & Signage

The key reason why branding and signage for your dealership is so important, is to generate vehicle sales, its essential to use every tool at your disposal to attract clients.  Your potential customers need to know what you stand for and what you can offer them. One such tool available to you is the exposure of your dealership & sales-offers through branding & Signage.  Your overall brand package should speak volumes for you.

At Desert Wraps we focus on Dealership branding, we design, install and create custom art work for your dealership. We focus on Wall Murals, Video Walls, Training Room Art, Millwork, Wayfinding Signage, Parking Branding & Signage, Film & Faux Design, LED, Glass Design, Graphic Design & Speciality signage for Interior & Exterior custom designs.  With our vast experience in this field, we can offer you options to accomplish the above effectively.  Visit our Facebook page to see the latest wraps & Interior Branding completed projects

Dealership Wall Graphics & Murals

Wall Murals are an affordable way to add inspiration to your spaces, Wall graphics, Wall Wraps & Glass Murals are a great way to bring a dull space to life and communicate your brand to your customers. Desert Wraps can design beautiful wall murals for your dealership or office and help you transform an empty space into something spectacular that represents your brand and message to your excising clientele and potential new clients. Our team will do the graphic design and installation of the murals.

Dealership Video Wall Installations

When it comes to creating a big impression on your customers, nothing gets their attention like a digital video wall. Our dedicated software and a range of professional services make sure you get the most out of your video wall. Desert Wraps specializes in LCD, LED, Rear Projection and RGB Laser Rear Projection video walls.  Whether you’re a global brand, or a small dealership, video walls are an unforgettable way to captivate your audience and elevate the customer experience.

Dealership Motivational Training Rooms

Desert Wraps designs and creates branded environments that visually communicate brand culture and enhance the customer experience. Build your brand equity and stand out in today’s competitive marketplace with a distinct setting custom designed for you. Convenient onsite estimates and production assessments to eliminate guesswork and wasted time.

dealership Glass Graphic Designs

Glass windows and doors are ideal spaces to advertise your business with important information.  Our custom glass signage solutions comes in various sizes and finishes.  Our Glass signage can be a regular clear glass or come with a frosted finish. They are long lasting, durable and leave a strong impression.  Our slumped embossed and engraved corporate glass plaques and signs will leave a lasting impression with all your visitors.

dealership Wayfinding Signage

Way finding signage guides people through a space or environment by way of providing directional information. We manufacture these signs from various materials such as Perspex, brass, copper, rigid foam boards, marble, MDF board etc. For a directional or Wayfinding sign – it is important to be seen. Size and positioning are very important. At Desert Wraps we take all the above mentioned into consideration when designing and installing your wayfinding signage.

Dealership Parking Area Branding

We design and create branded environments that visually communicate brand culture and enhance the customer experience. The parking area of your dealership or business is no different.  We feel that the parking area is mostly overlooked, but with beautiful wayfinding signage and wall murals we can transform that old boring space into a positive beautiful looking environment for your clients.

Dealership Film, Faux & Millwork

We offer a vast range of services from consultation and design, Meeting with clients about concepts to manufacturing and fabrication. Our hand-picked team is constructed of experienced creative designers, woodworkers and professional installers of the above mentioned. We have the talent to create long-lasting, high-quality millwork & Film & Faux products to the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. 

Dealership LED & 3D Signage For

LED & 3D Signage takes your branding to a new dimension. If you want to make your brand stand out, there’s no better option than 3D or LED design. Desert Wraps is a reliable company which provides LED & 3D signage services at best prices.  Our Team of professionals at the company have the skills and talent to take your signage to the next level, Not only LED & 3D Signage but all kinds of signage and materials you can think of for your design.

Dealership Exterior Branding & Signage

Looking for Exterior Signage & Branding for your dealership? We can help you establish that connection and build that loyalty through a custom branded environment. First impressions really do count, so we make sure your Dealership is saying the right things about your business and we work closely with your team in regards to all technical aspects of each element to ensure a perfect, long-lasting fit.  Desert Wraps has worked with dealerships like Toyota, Ford, Subaru and many more.