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Signage Solutions Palm Springs


Signage Solutions Palm Springs

First impressions always count, so here at Desert Wraps, every sign is made to be an ambassador of your brand at an affordable price.  We specialize in Design, Manufacturing and Installation. Whether you want to advertise a product, create brand presence in a new market, or entice customers into your store, Desert Wraps can help you with all of the above.

Our signage services can virtually fulfill your every need. We can design and install signs for any surface. We do Banners & Freestanding Displays, 3D Signage, Directional Signage, Display Fabrications, Lightboxes, Safety, Billboards, Exterior Branding and many more.

When it comes to banners Desert Wraps  likes using materials like Vinyl, Mesh & Fabric. Desert Wraps specializes in Pole Banners, Flag Banners, Retractable Banners, Non-Retractable Banners, Hanging Banners, Pop-up Banners, Outdoor Banners, Outdoor Popups, Backdrops & Feather Banners and many more.  If what is desired is not listed here please contact us.

Banners & Freestanding Displays

As a leading supplier of Banners & Freestanding Displays we prefer metal and aluminium units, we offer a full range of floor standing units and displays. We offer several styles of high quality banner  & Freestanding stands for all types of events. These Banners & Freestanding Displays are the perfect solution to easily display large banner graphic or message to the public and is a great way of marketing for all types of events.

3D Lettering & 3D Signage Solutions

With our 3D signs & Lettering Services you can be sure to stand out from the crowd.  These bespoke signs are available in a wide variety of sizes and type styles.  Our Signs and Lettering can fabricated in varying heights, shapes and thicknesses. 3D Signage dramatically enhances the ability to create eye-catching added-value visual communications that better engage target audiences.

Directional Signage

Directional & Wayfinding signage is a very important aspect of a company, Desert Wraps manufactures & Designs these signs from various materials such as Perspex, brass, copper, rigid foam boards, marble and many more.  Every client’s choice is different. We allow them the flexibility to choose, while offering good advice from our years of experience.

Display Fabrication

We offer a wide variety of Display Fabrication services like:

  • Retail Display Fabrication
  • Custom Shelving
  • Installation Fabrication
  • Prop Manufacturing
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Custom Car Body and Boat Body
  • Pop Up Shops & Experiential Activations
  • Millwork Finishes

Bring us your ideas and goals and Desert Wraps will help you achieve it.

Types Of Signage

We offer a wide variety of Display Fabrication services like:

  • Pole & Flag Banners
  • Non Retractable & Retractable banners
  • Hanging Banners
  • Pop-up Banners
  • Exterior/Outdoor Banners
  • Custom Car Body and Boat Body
  • Backdrop Banners
  • Feather Banners

If what you need is not listed here, please contact us to see if we can help you.

Marketing Banners & Signage

Marketing Banners & Signage is an important part of any business. Whether for advertising or on-premise signage, using appealing and creative banners can set your business apart from your competitors.  Brand Awareness should be a big part of your company’s marketing strategy and the key to any business’s success.  Effective Marketing Signage can be the difference between being recognized by potential customers or being passed by.

Why Choose Us For Your Signage Needs?

We design, manufacture and install to control the whole process.

Our team have systems in place to ensure all signs are quality checked before dispatch & installation.

Quality signs delivered and installed to your deadline, at the quoted price we gave you.

Quality long lasting materials and Designs that will last the test of time.

We provide a full graphic design service to help you communicate your message using illustration, colour, typography & Style.